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Leon Brown

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I was a member of the Newport High Rugby Academy for two years from 2013 to 2015. I enrolled for my A-Level studies and participated in the academy rugby programme there. In my time there I developed my technical, tactical, mental and physical attributes that are vital to becoming a professional rugby player of the future. It was important that I made improvements in these areas and would train 12 hours per week in order to achieve this. The training was part of my academic timetable and meant that I could take part in a professional set up within the sixth form of Newport High School. The rugby manager, Robert Sidoli was in charge of my provision and whilst his focus was to develop me as a player, he also developed me as a person. He was influential in ensuring that I balanced my commitments between training and my studies and made it clear to me that a successful student from the academy was one who could attain a rugby contract as well as all his academic qualifications.

I really enjoyed my experience with the academy and wish anyone else who enrols there the same success I had.


Jamie Luckett


Newport High Junior Academy member Jamie Luckett describes his 2 year experience of developing his rugby talent and acquiring his A-Level academics.


Alex Sully


Jack Littlejohns