Global Majority Student Voice and Working Party


All our anti-racist and diversity across the curriculum work began with a questionnaire handed out to volunteers in 2022. These students shared their lived experiences and their responses helped inform and instigate the work we have embarked on. Some of these students were later nominated and voted, by their peers, to represent their respective year groups in our Global Majority Student Voice and Working Party. These students meet once every half term, representing the Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic students in their year groups, to share their opinions, experiences and ideas. They are responsible for the permanent prayer room that has been set up at NHS, alongside other initiatives such as a planned mural painting and exploring the rich linguistic diversity at our school. They have been involved in research by Cardiff Met university, examining racism in and around Newport schools and are currently working on many exciting things. They are a group of dynamic, mature and enthusiastic young people whom we are very proud of.

30.04.22 Newport High School 19