We are delighted to work in collaboration with our partner institutions; Bassaleg School, John Frost School and St Joseph’s RC High School, as part of the Newport West Post 16 Consortium. Working in collaboration with each other has permitted our students the opportunity to study a far greater range and variety of subjects, and has ensured that over 30 different level 3 courses are on offer. This scheme enables our students and others from across the city to study courses which otherwise may not have been available to them.

We realise that many of our learners wish to only study at Newport High School where they are both known and feel comfortable. Whilst this is often the case, learners who are keen to study subjects that are not on offer at our school have benefitted by having the opportunity to do so at one of our partner institutions. We see the collaboration programme as going from strength to strength and are appreciative of the opportunities it has opened up to the students of our community.