Moving from Non-Racist to Anti-Racist practice

At Newport High we are on a journey to becoming an actively anti-racist school where all staff, students, parents, carers and governors are committed to challenging and tackling racism in all its forms. We support Welsh Government’s vision for an Anti-Racist Wales by 2030.

We are committed to developing education and intervention, ensuring that perpetrators have an opportunity to understand and consider the origins of racist ideas and actions, encouraging them to address and challenge their ideas.

We are a school that is adopting a zero-tolerance stance on racist language.

We are focusing now on ensuring that reporting racist incidents is a non-negotiable so that we can support, target and educate. Our Reporting Racist Incidents Policy is under construction.

We will endeavour to focus on intervention, utilising support such as police liaison and outside agencies such as Show Racism The Red Card.

Staff have started Professional Learning in this area, provided by DARPL (Diversity and Anti Racist Professional Learning), funded by Welsh Government, and will continue to do so.

Our Governing Body has a nominated Diversity Champion.

We have adopted the Halo Code to ensure that hair discrimination is not acceptable at NHS.

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