Educational Maintenance Allowance (EMA)

Remaining in school beyond the age of 16 can often present learners and their families with financial challenge. Supporting 6th Form learners with financial issues is therefore essential. One of the ways we can support learners and their families with this is through applications for EMA.


What is EMA and am I eligible?

▪    This is an allowance of up to £30.00 per week (paid fortnightly for students aged 16 + and continuing their education).  Bonuses of £100 are payable to those who remain on their courses and meet learning targets set by their tutors.

▪    To be entitled to this you must meet the nationality and residency rules set out in the EMA scheme and live in a household that has an annual income of £20,817 or less per year (£23,077 if more than one young person in household)

▪    Payment is made direct to the student’s bank account.  The initial payment may not be made until later in the term.  Missed payment will be backdated to the start of term.

▪    To be credited with EMA you must attend all lessons, study sessions and TfL sessions and sign an EMA learning agreement with the school.  This agreement will set out what you must do in terms of:-

Attendance and punctuality.


Meeting learning targets



For further information see the EMA website: