Independent Study

An important part of being in the sixth form is developing your independence. To this end, we provide as many opportunities and resources as possible to assist you in becoming an independent learner.


▪    Any period on your timetable that does not have a session delivered by your teacher is an independent study period.  You will be expected to make effective use of this time in the Learning Resource Centre, ICT suites or the Common Room.

▪    The Common Room is a social area only during break and lunchtimes. In the Common Room you will find the sixth form cafe where you can purchase food and drinks. It is open between 10am and 2pm daily.

▪    Students must sign out of school at the LRC if leaving the premises. This is so that the attendance lists are accurate in the event of a fire evacuation.

▪    Students finding difficulty in using study time effectively and those failing to meet academic study targets will be supported in a number of ways. This may include advice on how to manage your time effectively, informal study plans drawn up with you by you TFL or a more formal, full-time supervised private study programme, monitored by your TFL.

▪    All A level and vocational courses will require assignments to be completed regularly.  Deadlines may be long or short term and careful planning is needed so that workload is spread evenly.  Spend time on preparation and do not leave assignments to the last minute!  Where difficulties arise, consult the subject tutor before the deadline.  It is essential that you complete all work to an agreed standard and submit it on time.

▪    If you have to miss a lesson, please see the relevant teacher beforehand and note details of classwork and homework set. This applies even when the absence is at the request of another teacher e.g. a visit or course.

▪    If you are taken ill during the day you should send a message to the relevant teacher and report to the Learning Resource Centre.

▪    In the event of a teacher being absent you should report to your usual teaching room where you will be given instructions as to the work set by the Subject Team Leader.


As a member of the Sixth Form, you are fortunate to have access to a range of study facilities.  Work should be conducted quietly and IT resources used for work purposes only.  Laptops are available for sixth form use in the Learning Resource Centre. Please return these to the laptop trolley to charge when you have finished using them.