Enrichment and Extra Curricular

As a member of the Sixth Form you will be able to take an active role in the life of the school and the community

  • Welsh Baccalaureate (WBQ):


The Advanced Welsh Baccalaureate is the compulsory A-level equivalent overarching qualification that encompasses A level subjects, GCSE English and Maths/Numeracy, and the Skills Challenge Certificate. The Skills Challenge Certificate involved four challenges which cover the full two years in sixth form. These include Enterprise and Employability, Community Challenge, Global Citizenship Challenge and the Dissertation.


  • A programme of additional activities is published in the first two weeks of term.  These activities provide a range of opportunities that broaden your studies and give you the opportunity to contribute to both school and community needs.  Your contributions will be recorded and included in future UCAS and employer references. All students in Year 12 are required to contribute to one school based activity and one charity initiative during the course of the year.
  • Your TFL will discuss any issues you may have and will monitor your work and attendance. You will attend a learning conversation at least once a half term with your TfL.  During TfL time, along with support with writing CVs and applying to universities, you will be given the opportunity to attend a daily act of collective worship and contemporary news discussion session every day.
  • The school has outstanding sports and recreational facilities and all sixth form learners are encouraged to make full use of these.


  • Tutor for Learning sessions take place on a daily basis and play an invaluable part in your development as a sixth form student.  Your Tutor for Learning will carry out individual student monitoring and target setting during these periods in addition to helping you develop a wide variety of skills necessary for your future life.