Welcome to Newport High School Sixth Form.

We are very proud of our Sixth Form provision and I am delighted that you have chosen to continue studying with us.

The exams you have just completed mark the end of your compulsory schooling. You are now entering an exciting new phase in your education with a new structure and different challenges, responsibilities and opportunities.

Sixth Form study is very different to what you have experienced so far. You will be required to do a lot more independent study. The quality of work and skills required will be demanding but balanced by the fact that you have the opportunity to study fewer subjects in which you have a particular interest. Learning to manage this workload and remain determined and focused are all part of Sixth Form life.

Sixth Form study is an exciting opportunity that will allow you to progress to higher levels of achievement and broaden your career choices. You will also have the chance to develop as an individual both intellectually and socially through challenging learning experiences in a supportive environment.

We place great emphasis on students’ personal development. You will, therefore, have the opportunity to take part in enrichment activities that will allow you to broaden your interests, build your self-confidence and develop vital interpersonal skills.

Ultimately, success depends on you. You will need to be committed, conscientious and consistent in your studies. What you take from the next two years will depend on what you put into them. Your future in the Sixth Form is an exciting challenge for you, your parents and the staff. A successful partnership here will lead to your future success.

I feel privileged to be leading you through the next stage of your studies as you develop into mature, thoughtful, independent young adults ready to meet the challenge of the modern world with confidence.

Mrs Louise James

Head of 6th Form