Future Progression

Supporting learners with the next phase of their education is a high priority for us. Once a Newport High School learner, always a Newport High School learner. To this end, we provide extensive support and guidance – whatever life after school may mean for you.

Below are just some of the range of activities we offer:


▪    All learners have the opportunity to attend an interview with a specialist careers advisor in Year 12. Additional interviews can be arranged in Year 13 and after the publication of results.

▪    Students will be encouraged to produce an achievement portfolio and take part in career profiling activities during their TfL time to support this process.

▪    Applications for courses in Higher Education are made in the Autumn term of Year 13. The LRC keeps up to date guides and reference books on all degree courses and copies of university prospectuses.  Our online guide to the application process will be emailed to students in the Summer term of Year 12. Timetabled tutorials are available for all those intending to apply.  Applications are made on-line and must be submitted by the end of the Autumn term.

▪   References are written at the end of Year 12 so that UCAS application forms can be processed as soon as possible.  This means that you should have shown by the end of your first year what you are capable of in terms of academic and personal achievements


For information on applying to university, follow this link: www.ucas.com