Letter to Parents & Carers 18th September 2020

Friday 18th September 2020

Dear Parents and Carers,

Firstly, I would like to thank all students for the way they have conducted themselves this week, they have been a credit to our school. I am very proud of their positive approach and the way they have managed and adapted to the numerous changes we have had to implement. These are qualities that will serve them well.

I am aware that information via social media can be communicated very quickly and that such information is not always entirely accurate. In the event that we have a confirmed case of COVID we need to lock down the affected year group as soon as possible, which, I am sure you appreciate, involves a lot of logistical challenges. We have a team of staff on standby to telephone every parent in the year group to seek permission to send your child home. If you receive information from another source before we have had the chance to speak to you, this can cause additional anxiety for parents and carers. As a result, we are going send a text message to parents prior to phoning, to keep you informed of events as soon as we can. I would respectfully ask parents not to contact your child at this stage. We will speak to all the students as part of the process and it makes it much more difficult if a few students know before we have had the opportunity to inform them all. Also, I acknowledge that parents and carers may have questions but as we have limited phone lines and need to prioritise seeking permission to send students home, we would ask you not to call with general queries but rather wait for the call from school.

Under the circumstances it is very important that we have up to date contact numbers on our system so I attach a link to our contact form.

Would you please enter your current contact details on this form so we can ensure that we have up to date contact information.

The revised process is as follows:

If we have to isolate a year group, in line with Welsh government legislation, students must isolate. This means that they need to stay at home and not mix with anyone outside their household. Siblings of students in year groups that are self-isolating do not need to self-isolate and can continue to attend school unless they are unwell, have symptoms, have tested positive or are living with anyone who has symptoms or has tested positive.

Any student who is not able to attend school as a result of the closure of a year group and is entitled to Free School Meals, can collect a lunch from school on a Monday and Wednesday from Door 4 between 12pm-1pm. If we need to close a year group later in the week we will ensure that you can still access your child’s lunch and will confirm an additional pick up date for this in your confirmation email.

The majority of students have been very organised and prepared for school, however, a number of students are arriving at school without masks. We will of course, continue to ensure that all students have masks but this is a significant cost to us as a school so it would be extremely helpful if your child does arrive at school with their own mask.

As a reminder all students should have the following with them each day:

  • Their facemask(s) and a plastic bag to store these in (a clean food bag is ideal for this)
  • A school bag – we will not be able to store students’ books so they need to carry these in their bag each day.
  • A pen, pencil, rubber, pencil sharpener and if possible a glue stick. This will help to reduce the risks of students sharing equipment.

If you have any issues with these requirements, would you please let your child’s form tutor know so we can discuss what support may be given.

We are able to offer lunch from Monday 21st September. Please can you support us by reinforcing the message that all rubbish must be cleared away at the end of lunch. We will confirm when Breakfast Club can start again shortly.

Under no circumstances should your child be sent into school if they are feeling unwell or if they have any of the three identified symptoms including:

  • a new continuous cough
  • a high temperature
  • loss of taste and smell
  • have tested positively for COVID19 within the last 14 days.

Likewise, if anyone in your household has tested positively, or is displaying symptoms, your child should not attend. In line with Welsh Government guidance anyone displaying symptoms should make arrangements to be tested for COVID19.

If your child becomes ill during the school day they will be isolated and we will contact you to arrange for them to be collected. In line with Welsh Government guidance, if your child does become unwell we will also need to send their siblings home. This would mean everyone in your household would need to be tested for COVID19.

In order for us to follow the test, trace and track policy it is vital that you inform us if your child or anyone in your household has a positive COVID19 test.

Finally, I would like to thank all our parents and carers for their support in this difficult time. I hope, by working together, we can continue to do the very best for our students.

Kind regards

Mrs Lee