Women’s World Cup Qualifiers

On the 12th of June 2018, two of our year 8 girls, Millie and Roisin attended Newport Stadium to represent Wales in the Wales V Russia Women’s World Cup Qualifiers . Once they arrived, their team were split into two sides, half were with Russia and half with Wales. They walked down to Dragon’s Park where they were given the Welsh football kit and they experienced what it was like to be in the changing rooms that Welsh footballers have. What a fantastic feeling and raising the girls’ aspirations for the future. They made their way back to Newport Stadium where the game was being played and they met the players . As they all stepped on the pitch the crowd went wild for Wales. Russia sang their National Anthem first which wasn’t very loud but the Welsh definitely sang our National Anthem loud and proud . There were lots of photographers taking photos and BBC2 Wales were filming the match . The game kicked off and it was 0-0 by half time but the second half Wales surprised everyone with three amazing goals the end score was 3-0 to Wales which means we are one step away from the World Cup . Both girls play for Villa Dino and they are so proud to be apart of this team and would like to thank them for making this an unforgettable experience. Both girls are excellent footballers themselves and one day hopefully…….that will be them leading representing their country. Well done girls we are all so very proud of you.

Mrs James