Bristol Aerospace Museum

Engineering students of the future in Years 11, 12 and 13 were lucky enough this week to visit the Bristol Aerospace Museum, organised and run by GKA Engineering. The first part of the day included a lecture on how to become an Engineer which was inspirational and really focused our students on maximising their potential to achieve top grades in their GCSEs and A Levels this year. We also had the opportunity to learn about composite materials, 3-D printing and using CAD machines to minimise flight weight in aeroplanes. Students then had their design and maths skills pushed to the limit where they had to create their own flight prototype. Here we saw some outstanding designs. Finally, there was a tour of the museum where we were taken through the decades of transport, looking at how aeroplanes have advanced through the ages. The highlight of the tour was the opportunity to walk through the inside of Concorde; the plane capable of flying from London to New York in 3 ? hours. All students were completely inspired by their visit and are now determined to pursue careers in Engineering.