Salters' Institute Festival of Chemistry


Learners from year 8 (pictured above) took part in the school’s second annual competition entry at Cardiff University School of Chemistry on 11th May. The aim of the competition is to promote the appreciation of chemistry and related sciences amongst young learners. This particular event takes place at 51 locations throughout the UK and Ireland during March and June of this year. The competition comprises two separate and very rigorous scientific laboratory investigations – ‘Salters’ Challenge’ in the morning and ‘The University Challenge’ in the afternoon. 13 schools from around Wales took part in the event, including Monmouth Girls’ School, Rougemont and Howell’s School, Cardiff. Our learners from 2016 scooped first prize in the ‘University Challenge’ last year and our 4 very able learners have now added to the school’s success by winning second prize in the ‘Salters’ Challenge’ for 2017, supporting our view that investigative science skills taught at Newport High School are amongst the very best in the country. Well done year 8!’