Year 7 Naming Ceremony

Today was a special day for all year 7 learners. After the hard work of writing their letters to the ‘Sorting Hat’, today all was revealed!!
Our excited Year 7 learners attended the Newport high School annual ‘Naming Ceremony’. During this exciting assembly, learners were told where the idea of the ‘Naming Ceremony’ came from and watched movie clips, which created suspense, anticipation and excitement. Learners were called up to the stage by their TfL and presented with a personalised envelope. Leaners waited patiently in order for the surprise to be revealed all at once. When the time came to open the envelopes, the hall was filled with laughter and cheers from all learners.
The ‘Sorting Hat’ had lots to consider, every letter was read and every learner was taken into consideration. Learners were reminded that they have been placed in the house which best suits them.
Looking forward to lots of Year 7 house competitions starting very soon!