Le Catwalk Francais

On Monday 10th November, the Year 11 French MAT group, with the help of our year 7 and 8 models held the first ever French Fashion Show! We worked very hard to organise it, planning and preparing the event for almost a year. We planned and organised the whole thing from the costumes to the funding. We organised five categories to entertain the audience; pyjamas, the seasons, festivities, sports and all around the world! All of our categories proved to be a success and the models performed them amazingly well. We held a raffle and organised local dance group, GLD, to dance at our show. The entire thing was commentated by Hannah McGee in English, and I commentated in French. Casey Dudley was in charge of music and backgrounds and did an outstanding job with the staging of the show. Eryn Jayne took care of lighting, creating the atmosphere of the entire event. Katy Virgo was the designer and publicist, organising the posters and publicity, as well as selling tickets food and raffle tickets throughout the performance. Ellis Mason was the backstage director, taking care of the models backstage and ensuring that they made it on stage in time. We all put a lot of work into the show and it has proven to have been a huge success, having raised £213.36 for our chosen charity, Marie Curie Cancer Care. We hope that everyone who attended enjoyed the show as much as we did.