Revision Conference

Year 10;

Its approaching exam time, you’ve done all the hard work, the coursework is complete, the skills are learned, the information has been passed on.

Now its time for the final showdown……………..


• Am I ready?

• How do I make the most of the time left?

• What’s the best way to prepare?

• How do you revise?

• How to you perform in the dreaded exam room?


These questions will be typical of everyone in Year 10 at the moment. To help with all of these the school is putting on a once in the lifetime opportunity to help.


Newport High School

Year 10

Exam and Revision Conference

Tuesday 13th March



• Seminars will be held on how to maximise your revision time and how to perform in exams.

• Guest speakers

• Freebies

• Details of follow up revision sessions through the Easter holidays to help with specific subject content.

• For further information please speak to Mr Lawlor or check out www.nhsrevision.co.uk.