Green Fingered Eco

The Eco Club recently spent some time clearing the raised beds ready for planting of bulbs for over the winter. We have now weeded and cleared four raised beds ready for use by the houses. The raised bed project is for any members of Branwen, Olwen, Pryderi and Taliesin who would like to test their green fingers and develop new skills (perhaps even make some money for the eco club!). The raised bed project will be taking place on Thursdays after school, from 3 till 3.30.
It was a huge job clearing the beds and we are very grateful for the time and effort from everyone… so thank you! Let’s get planting…

If you would like to donate any used or unwanted gardening items, please either drop them into reception or directly to Mr Whitehead. Lastly, we are collecting Morriston’s Gardening Vouchers and the collection box will be placed into reception . We aim to get ourselves some much needed new equipment.
Thank you.