Year 9 Parents Evening

Dear Parent/Carer,

I am pleased to inform you that Year 9 Parents’ Evening will take place on Thursday 27th January 2021 from 3:30pm to 6:30pm. Due to the current climate, this will take place virtually. This is an excellent opportunity for you to meet your son/daughter’s teachers and discuss their progress in Year 9. This is a vital part of supporting your son/daughter’s wellbeing and option choices this year.

Wherever possible we will attempt to make these appointments at a convenient time for you. To arrange your appointment, please follow the link: where you will be prompted to submit your details and the student’s details to access the site. The details that you enter whilst logging in must match the details that we have under your records in school. You will be provided with an opportunity to select your preferred 5-minute appointment slot on a first come first served basis.

You will be able to book appointments from 15:00 on Thursday 20th of January. Please do not try to book appointments before this time.

The virtual meeting will be a video call and can be accessed from any device that is connected to the internet, including a mobile phone. Once you have selected your appointment you will receive a confirmation email.
As this is a new way of working for us all, please see below an outline of a parent guidance for meetings of this nature:
?All content of the meeting should be appropriate to discussing students’ wellbeing and academic progress.
?You consider your location and camera settings carefully to maintain a professional and responsible disposition at all times: You should choose a neutral location that is appropriate and safe.
?Always consider carefully what is in view of the camera, i.e. check that the background is professional and does not contain images or information that should not be shared or that could be deemed inappropriate.
?The use of a headset with a microphone (like those available with many mobile phones) is recommended for audio clarity for the teacher.
?Should you have any concerns about the nature of the conversation end the call and discuss the situation with your child’s head of year.
Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need any further information about the event A ‘Parents’ Guide for Booking Appointments’ is attached to this email.
Thank you for your support. I understand that this is a very different way of working, which is new to us all.  It is, though, an exciting opportunity to develop our communication as part of your child chooses what options they will take at GCSE level at Newport High.

Yours faithfully,

Mr O Mullins