Whole School Letter – 15-10-2021

Friday 15th October 2021

Dear Parents and Carers

Teaching and Learning

Ensuring our Teaching and Learning is effective is crucial if we are going to ensure that all our students achieve their potential. We use a number of strategies to ensure that students are making good progress in their learning and over the next term we will be focusing on incorporating Dedicated Improvement and Reflection Time (DIRT) into lessons. This allows our students the opportunity to reflect on feedback and then act on this feedback to improve either their knowledge or skills. We will be talking to our students about DIRT in lessons and in Form Time. It would be really helpful if you could ask them about their DIRT activities as this will help them to develop their metacognition skills. Metacognition is the process of reflecting on our thinking which supports deep learning.

School uniform

This year, as a result of adjustments to PE changing, we no longer allow students to come into school in their PE kit. Last term, during the summer, we allowed students to wear shorts, however, we do not allow this in the Autumn term. This is important because if we allowed shorts it would blur the line between those students coming in wearing PE kit. Therefore, all students need to wear either tailored trousers or a tailored skirt. Any student who comes into school in shorts or tracksuit bottoms or joggers will be taken out of circulation whilst we contact home to request correct school uniform to be brought in.

A number of the girls’ skirts are still too short. We will be working closely with our students and families to resolve these issues and ensure that all our students, who choose to wear a skirt, wear a skirt of an appropriate length. We will continue this work over the next few weeks to allow everyone plenty of time to ensure they have a skirt of the correct length. From Monday 1st November anyone wearing a skirt which we consider to be too short, will be taken out of circulation whilst we contact home to request correct school uniform to be brought in.


We are still asking students to wear masks in communal areas of the school but only in lessons where there is movement such as practical lessons in DT or Science. This does not apply to PE.

The most important safety measure is to ensure students are not coming into school if they have any symptoms.  They must remain at home, self-isolate and get a PCR test.

We do expect that there will be cases of COVID-19 across our community over the coming weeks but this does not mean that COVID-19 is spreading within the school. Please continue to be vigilant for symptoms. If you are in any doubt, order a PCR test for your child at‑coronavirus‑test or by calling 119.

Anyone with symptoms; a new continuous cough, fever or high temperature, or loss of, or change in, sense of smell or taste, should remain in self-isolation until the test result is known. You can find the latest information on self-isolation arrangements at‑isolation.

Please continue to use the Newport High School out of hours COVID-19 line to report if your child has had a positive test. Please only leave a message on this service if your child has had a positive test result.  The number for this is: 01633 820 101. As this is a dedicated service for confirmation of positive COVID-19 test results, please do not use this service to report any other information as these messages will not be checked or responded to.

Lateral Flow Testing

We would encourage as many students as possible to routinely carry out LFD tests to pick up any students who may have COVID-19 but are asymptomatic. Any students who have not signed up for LFD testing but would like to take part please email to register and arrange to pick up your testing kits. We respectfully ask for testing to be done on a Wednesday and Sunday evening.

With kind regards

Mrs Lee