Non-School Uniform Day – £605.19 Raised!

A big thank you to all learners at Newport High! Today’s non-school uniform was another successful event – so far we have counted a grand total of £605.19. This money will be donated to St Anne’s and St David’s hospice and will also support upcoming student events and activities in school. This local charity was chosen by our School Council and we will continue to fundraise for this good cause as we have for the past three years.
Original Article:
This Friday – 23rd May will be a non-school uniform day!
This was requested through the School Council and we will be asking for a donation of £1. Money will be go to St Anne’s/St David’s hospice and support student events.
We are asking that staff and students wear something in their HOUSE COLOUR!
Please be sensible – Remember it is a school day!
Looking forward to a successful and enjoyable event.
Diolch pawb!