Inspection Success

Dear All
As you will be aware, Estyn inspected our school in November 2013. I am delighted to share with you the inspection findings which were published by Estyn earlier today. Estyn’s overall judgement is that Newport High School is good in all aspects.
“The school provides effective, well-coordinated support for all pupils in an inspiring and caring atmosphere”

Estyn 2014

The inspection report highlights that in all indicators and at all key stages performance has improved considerably since the last inspection.
Estyn felt that teaching and learning were very good features of our practice. They told us that students “have very positive attitudes to learning and this is evident in their focus, enthusiasm and resilience” they also told us that students “enjoy their lessons, work with concentration and engage purposefully in tasks”.
Estyn were very impressed by the quality of work they saw in lessons:
“teachers plan carefully, organise activities well and use appropriate pace to ensure consistently good progress in learning. They use a wide range of beneficial and often imaginative teaching methods to stimulate and challenge pupils, and provide good opportunities for pupils to reflect on what they learn…teachers provide a highly supportive learning environment”
As a school, we recognise that our curriculum is thought by many people to be unusual and somewhat different to that used in many schools across Wales. Estyn told us that our curriculum is “flexible and highly responsive to pupils’ individual needs” and they were very happy to report that “teachers work successfully in teams to design and teach a curriculum that meets pupils’ needs effectively”.
From start to finish, the Estyn report highlights some of the first-class practice we have at Newport High but there are two quotes in particular that have given me such enormous pride. Estyn told us “this is a fully inclusive community where pupils receive equality of access to everything it provides irrespective of their background and ability” and most importantly they told us that told us that “pupils are proud of their school”.
The inspection report reflects the outstanding work and results we are achieving at Newport High. I know these outcomes would not have been possible without the strong partnership between parents, students, staff and governors and I would like to extend my thanks for your ongoing support.
If you would like to read the full report, this can be accessed by clicking here. A paper copy is available from the school on request. Estyn told us that “the school’s vision statement ‘Learning-Believing-Achieving’ underpins its clear focus on learning as the key to improved life chances”. I look forward to working with you all over the coming year to achieve even greater success for our school and our students.
Best wishes
Karyn Keane